Happy Owners

Here are a few of our wonderfull ponies and horses. Their owners have worked very hard to train and show them to be top performers. I want to thank  all of you for "Loving your Connemaras"and choosing my horses and ponies!

Triton's filly winning the high premium at the ISR/Oldenburg. Scoring 8's and above. Owner Carol Nelson WC.
Orion's Isis. This mare always won at every shows she went to. In hand & Hunter under Saddle at USDF Breeder Shows. Was high point year end  3'3"Hunter Jumpers  in ID.  She now belongs to a little girl  on the coast. I hear she is wining!! She says she loves her very much
His   owner bought Orions Dunair a gray pony and won all the time in Eventing  & Dressage in CO. He now just won his"Merit Of HORNOR" the highest medial in Dressage this last year in the Connemara Society. He also always wins somewhere in USEA year end awards also for her region.Then she wanted a little bit bigger horse so she bought Starman. He now in is winning for her too.Lee Tomas needs her own Page LOL
                                       Thanks so much for all your pictures.
         Orion's DIAMOND ACE"
was on "Kids Cribs" on MTV And he has went to the "PONY NAIIONALS 3 TIMES now. Send me Pictures .Thanks
        Orions Wiz Kid
Also would like to know about him .He was very good.
Orion's Bold Bell  she was the 1st one Sara Monsanto bought .She just had to be in her Wedding.LOL
She has bought and trained quite a few Horses/Ponies now.
Orion's BOLD BELL just won Jr Novice at Rebecca Farm 2010 With her New owner of 2 years now
another one Sara bought and trained. She is now in CA winning for her new owner too.
TRITION'S 1st foal
This is "DANCE WITH ME" this is an old pix of mine. This pony has taken her rider to the PONY NAIONALS and qualified other years.


He has a new owner that is doing excellent.He is getting quite Famous. I hear he was on MTV also for jumping so high.. He is the 2nd one of Orion's Kids to be on MTV. Orion's Diamond Ace was on "Kids Cribs" on MTV And he has went to the "PONY NAIIONALS 3 TIMES now. Send me Pictures
          Orions Count Starbuck
This was another great pony My granddaughter rode him as a 3yr old and won everything. People couldn't belive he was only 3. Locally also would like to know where he is last I knew AZ.
she loves him just as much as Orion's kids
I don't think she will be selling him. This one is for her new daughter. Who is already ridding with mom. LOL
                 HERE IS  MADDY McELDUFF

Has been to PONY NATIONS 1 time she wis at al the Hit shows and qualifies for Nationals.
Maddy is 10 yrs old.They just bought Rosie from Rebeca Mortenson. Who was around that age when she bought Rosie. Rebcca was also a top rider for yrs. She has growen up now needs a bigger horse to keep competeing at the higher levels she was doing. So Rosie went form her older rider  to Maddy age 10 yrs old   in 3 months "AWSOME" For a  child and pony!!! to click like this.
Maddy Won 1st Place Fo Jr Novice for junior riders  In the UNITED STATES EVENTING ASSOCATION  *USEA*
                    Plus winning at Hunter shows also.
Orions Bold Bell at Sara's Weeding
At Holly Hills TX.
With Olympain  trainer Lesile Law
Buck Davidson clinic
We do Have a full sister to Merlin. Her name is Orion"s LIttle Miss Muffet. She 8 years old. She  is ready to go to new home!!
  Mary Dye of  Wild Irish Rose Farm With a couple of her winning horses. She Breed about 6 or more mares to Orion over the years. They all went to the USDF Breeder Shows and always were winners.  They won the year end awards for Hunter type and Dreasage type. For a couple of years
These were 2 of our Embryo transfer horses. They won 5 Star premium awards at the American Sporthorse inspection.
Their Dam was a half sis to the 3 time world champion Jumper and Olympic winner.BALOUBET Du ROULET
This is Gabby who won 5 star premium award and also the year end National Pony award for the year. She also was an Embryo transfer. Their Dam was a half sister to BALOUBET Du ROULET.
  This is Orion's Quinn. He won at local shows.
This our famouse Brand I put this on all my horse and ponies on left hip. Look for them at shows.
She also owns Orion's Red Rider